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Malaga, a city in the south of Spain, is famed as the birthplace of the renowned painter Pablo Picasso. Located on the sunny Costa del Sol, Malaga attracts visitors with its golden sandy beaches, historical landmarks such as the majestic fortresses of Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, and a rich cultural life. The friendly atmosphere, excellent cuisine, and lively lanes filled with shops and cafes make Malaga an ideal destination for everyone.

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The Alcazaba, a majestic 11th-century fortress, dominates the city of Malaga from its strategic position. It offers stunning views of the city and the sea and houses fascinating archaeological finds and beautiful gardens.

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral

The impressive Malaga Cathedral, known as La Manquita, is a showcase of Renaissance architecture. With its characteristic twin towers and richly decorated interior, it stands as an iconic landmark of the city.

Picasso Museum

Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum in Malaga houses over 200 works by the famous artist. The exhibits include both well-known and lesser-known pieces, mapping the entire artistic development of Picasso.



Gibralfaro Castle, built in the 14th century, stands on a hill overlooking Malaga and offers panoramic views of the city and the port. It is an ideal place for exploring history and for walks.

Malaga Beaches

Malaga Beaches

Malaga’s beaches are renowned for their beauty and diversity. They offer ideal conditions for relaxation, sunbathing, and water sports, and are lined with a variety of bars and restaurants.

Atarazanas Market

Atarazanas Market

The Atarazanas Market is a traditional market located in the heart of Malaga. Visitors can find fresh produce, local specialties, and an authentic Spanish market atmosphere.

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Поширені запитання

How do I get from the airport to the center of Malaga?

You can use public transport, take a taxi, or rent a car.

What are the main tourist attractions in Malaga?

The main attractions include Alcazaba, Gibralfaro, the Picasso Museum, and the Malaga Cathedral.

Is it safe in Malaga?

Malaga is generally considered to be a safe city, but it is recommended to be vigilant and follow usual safety precautions.

Цікавинки щодо Малага

Malaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, a significant painter of the 20th century. The city houses the Picasso Museum featuring over 200 of his works.
The city is home to two impressive Moorish fortresses, Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, dating back to the 11th and 14th centuries, offering stunning views of the city and the sea.
Malaga is renowned for its Semana Santa celebrations, considered among the most impressive in Spain.
The local botanical garden hosts more than a thousand species of plants from around the world and is one of the most beautiful in Europe.
Malaga boasts over 300 sunny days a year, making it one of the sunniest cities in Europe.
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