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20.07.2024 - 27.07.2024
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Discover Athens, the cradle of Western civilization and the home of ancient treasures like the Parthenon. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history through public spaces teeming with monumental landmarks, explore the lively markets, or relax in one of the many cafes and taverns. Don't forget to sample authentic Greek cuisine. By buying tickets to Athens, you will also have the opportunity to visit some of the beautiful Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

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What to see Athens



The Acropolis is deemed a symbol of Athens and Greece, it's a rocky mound topped with ancient buildings including the colonnaded Parthenon temple.



The Parthenon stands as an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece, Athenian democracy, western civilization and one of the world's greatest cultural monuments.



Historical Plaka neighbourhood, with its labyrinthine streets and neoclassical architecture, is filled with galleries, boutiques and local tavernas.


National Archaeological Museum

National Archaeological Museum is the largest archaeological museum in Greece, and one of the most important museums dedicated to ancient Greek art.


Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a colossal ruined temple in the center of Athens that was dedicated to Zeus, king of the Olympian gods.


The Ancient Agora

The Ancient Agora was the heart of ancient Athens, the focus of political, commercial, administrative and social activity, the religious and cultural center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to visit Athens?

The best time to visit Athens is during Spring (April to June) and Autumn (September to November) when the weather is more pleasant and the crowds are smaller.

How far is the city center from Athens International Airport?

Athens city center is about 35 kilometers from Athens International Airport.

Is Athens an expensive destination?

As a capital city, Athens can be more expensive than other parts of Greece, but it's generally considered to be cheaper than many European cities.

Interesting facts about Athens

Athens is Europe's oldest capital, and the city's history dates back to around 3,400 years ago.
The historic site of Acropolis, an ancient citadel on a rocky outcrop in Athens, see's around 3.5 million visitors each year.
Athens was the host city for the first modern-day Olympic Games, which took place in 1896.
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