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Brač is one of the largest and most beautiful Croatian islands, offering an ideal destination for nature lovers, adventurers, and beachgoers alike. Its stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters, rocky coasts, and picturesque fishing villages will ensure an unforgettable experience. The island's most popular attraction is the Zlatni Rat, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, surrounded by pine forests. Brač is also a paradise for hikers and bikers, thanks to its numerous trails and mountainous terrains. Discover historical landmarks, such as monasteries, churches, ancient palaces, and medieval narrow streets on the island. Visit Brač and uncover its treasures and mysteries.

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What to see Brač


Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat, commonly known as the Golden Cape, is a famous pebble beach in Bol, stretching into the Adriatic Sea's turquoise waters. Its unique shape changes regularly due to waves and winds.


Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora, the highest peak on Brač and the entire Adriatic islands, offers stunning panoramic views of the island and the surrounding sea, as well as nearby Hvar and Vis islands.


Blaca Hermitage

Blaca Hermitage, a historic monastery built into the cliffs, serves as a striking example of creative architectural solutions. It holds a significant collection of ancient Croatian religious manuscripts, artifacts, and astronomy equipment.


Brač Stone Quarries

Brač stone quarries, where the famous white stone of Brač is extracted, have been in operation since the Roman era. The Diocletian Palace in Split and the White House in Washington DC both have elements made out of Brač stone.



Bol, a charming seaside town on the southern coast of Brač, provides an ideal base for exploring the island. Bol offers a range of restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as a lovely harbor and the famous Zlatni Rat beach.


Pustinja Blaca

Pustinja Blaca, also known as Blaca Desert, is a picturesque valley that once housed a working monastery, which can still be visited today. The valley offers some truly beautiful natural landscapes, hiking trails, and stunning sea views.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Brač?

The best time to visit Brač is from May to September when the weather is warm and sunny, perfect for beach activities and exploring the island.

How to get to Brač from the mainland?

You can get to Brač by ferry from Split, Makarska, or Anconia. Also, there's a small airport on the island with flights from Zagreb and other European cities.

What are the main attractions on Brač?

The main attractions on Brač include the famous Zlatni Rat beach, Vidova Gora mountain, the ancient town of Bol, and the Blaca Monastery.

Interesting facts about Brač

Brač is the third-largest island in the Adriatic, covering an area of 395 km².
The highest peak on the island is Vidova Gora, standing 780 meters above sea level.
The island is famous for its white limestone, which was used in building Diocletian's Palace in Split and the White House in Washington D.C.
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