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Granada, a treasure in Andalusia, will captivate you with its unique charm. This gem of Spain is especially known for the stunning Alhambra, a 13th-century fortress with extensive gardens, courtyards, and unforgettable city views. The old Albaycin quarter will enchant you with its narrow streets and traditional white houses. Be sure to visit the ancient cathedral and the royal chapel as well. Granada is also a great starting point for trips to Sierra Nevada.

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What to see Granada



Rich in historic architecture, Alhambra is a palatial fortress complex in Granada that tells the tale of the city’s Moorish past.



Generalife is a stunning garden area adjacent to the Alhambra, offering a peaceful and serene environment to relax after exploring the Alhambra.


Granada Cathedral

Granada Cathedral is a magnificently built Renaissance church blending Spanish and Gothic architectural styles. It showcases significant historical and religious artifacts.



Albaicín is a traditional Moorish heart of Granada with narrow winding streets and whitewashed houses. It offers great views of the Alhambra from the Mirador de San Nicolás.


Palace of Charles V

The Palace of Charles V is a grand Renaissance building situated within the Alhambra complex. Notable for its perfect circular patio, it houses two museums including the Fine Arts Museum.


Royal Chapel of Granada

The Royal Chapel of Granada is a mausoleum preserving the remains of noteworthy Spanish monarchs. Unique artworks and splendid architecture make it a must-visit site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Granada, Spain?

The best time to visit Granada is in the spring (April to June) and fall (September and October) when the weather is pleasant.

What are the main sights to see in Granada, Spain?

The main sights in Granada include the Alhambra, Generalife, Albaicin, and Cathedral of Granada.

What is the closest airport to get to Granada?

The closest airport is Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen Airport.

Interesting facts about Granada

Granada was first settled by native tribes in the prehistoric period, and was known as Ilbyr around 400-500 BC.
The Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace, is in Granada. It is the most renowned building of the Andalusian Islamic historical legacy with its many cultural attractions.
Granada is also well-known within Spain for the prestigious University of Granada and, nowadays, vibrant night-life.
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