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Gyor, a Hungarian city with a rich history and stunning architecture, is an ideal destination for romantic weekends and family trips. A walk through the ancient center leads you to magnificent landmarks such as the St. Andrew's Cathedral Basilica, Town Hall, and University. Rába Quelle Spa Park, with its thermal springs and modern wellness, invites you to relax and unwind. Nearby Gyor, you can also find the Baroque Pannonhalma Castle and the ruins of Komárno Fortress. Take advantage of attractive flight deals on our travel website and explore the history, Czech travelers will feel right at home.

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What to see Gyor


Gyor Basilica

Gyor Basilica is the city's main Catholic church, a beautiful example of Gothic and Baroque architecture, featuring stunning frescoes and a treasured organ.


Raba Quelle Spa

Raba Quelle Spa is a popular thermal bath complex offering various pools, saunas, and wellness treatments, making it a perfect relaxation spot after exploring Gyor.


Gyor Old Town

Gyor's Old Town is a lovely historical area with narrow cobblestone streets, beautifully restored Baroque buildings, and charming cafes, perfect for a leisurely stroll.


Ark of the Covenant Monument

The Ark of the Covenant Monument is a fascinating sculpture located in Bishop's Castle Park, symbolizing the spiritual and cultural bond between the Jews and Christians in the city's history.


Xantus Janos Zoo

Xantus Janos Zoo is a delightful family-friendly destination featuring various animal species, a petting zoo, and a playground, offering an educational and fun experience for all ages.


Gyor Railway Museum

Gyor Railway Museum is an interesting attraction for train enthusiasts, featuring a collection of locomotives, rolling stock, and model trains, as well as interactive displays about railway history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Gyor?

The best time to visit Gyor is from April to October, as the weather is pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities.

What are the top attractions in Gyor?

The top attractions in Gyor include the Gyor Basilica, the Rába Quelle spa and the Old Town.

Are there any direct flights to Gyor?

There are no direct flights to Gyor. The nearest airport is Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.

Interesting facts about Gyor

Gyor is the sixth largest city in Hungary, with a population of around 130,000 people.
The city's history dates back to Roman times, and it is home to several well-preserved historical sites, including the 13th-century Gyor Cathedral and the 15th-century Town Hall.
Gyor is sometimes called the 'city of rivers' because it lies on the bank of four major rivers: the Danube, the Raab, the Mosoni-Danube, and the Rabca.
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